Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

stars and hexagons quilt

this is the progress of the stars and hexagons and hearts quilt i want to reproduce,the middle is finished and the first of 22 baskets ,too.


Christine hat gesagt…

do you ever sleep? looks great

Teresa hat gesagt…

That is so amazing! When you first posted this antique quilt, I thought the section with the baskets was just a big print will be amazing with 22 applique baskets!! Outstanding!!! How do you come up with such great projects?!?

I'm in awe!

pamina hat gesagt…

Woaw, this will be a beauty !!!

Quilt Online hat gesagt…

this beautiful quilt.
and I love hexagoans.
Your blog is interesting.

Micki hat gesagt…

That is an awesome quilt...How beautiful!

grendelskin hat gesagt…

This is outstanding, so beautiful!

quilts hat gesagt…

Respect! Wonderful work.
Would you tell how big the hexagons are ?
thank you so much.

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