Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

new projekt for sewing by hand

my hexagon star quilt is nearly done ,so i needed something new to sew by hand,,and thats it:its from anette geros book,the fabric of society,but without a pattern,so i did one by myself,was`nt so difficult .in the original every patch is embroidered,but i will trie to use fabric fuzzy cut,if i find enough in my stash.


Rebecca hat gesagt…

Can't wait to see it finished looks like fun.
Hugs Bec

Teresa hat gesagt…

That looks like a cool new hand sewing project! Your pattern looks dead on correct! That should be fun to do with scraps!

Tell me about the quilt at the top of your page...did you make that?? That is beautiful and I'd love to find a pattern for it. i am going through a little applique withdrawal now that the bride is done and would like to find or draft something challenging to start on...something that won't be crammed into 6 months this time!! ha-ha-ha!

pamina hat gesagt…

You are incredible ! Do you sleep anytime ?lol

Cheri hat gesagt…

Susi this does look like a fun quilt that you are about to start. Like Teresa I am in interested in the beautiful applique at the top of the page. It looks familiar, love the white background and bright blues and reds. Can't wait to watch your progress on this new quilt. I am about to post my 4th block on CWBQ, they are taking me about one month per block, but I am loving every minute of my hand applique time.

Happy Stitching

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