Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

what`s going on at my sewingroom

hi friends,there are three new wonderful books in my home,a little sneak peek of the quilting of the octagon quilt,i have quilted nearly two thirds of it with pearl cotton thread in the colour natural white,and a bunch of quite a few more little houses mesure 5"square,and i will need 121 or maybe 144,i don`t know yet,but it is very fun to sew them,have a nice week,susi


Renate hat gesagt…

Liebe Susi,
dein Octagon Quilt wird immer schöner. Und es ist sehr beeindruckend, was du schon geschafft hast. Das Quilten mit Perlgarn stelle ich mir ziemlich anstrengend für die Hände vor.
Und was die Anzahl der Häuschen anbetrifft!!!! .... ich bin sprachlos!!
Viel Spaß mit den neuen Büchern und vor allen Dingen viele Anregungen wünscht dir

ria vogelzang hat gesagt…

Wow! Your octagon-quilt is just gorgeous!!!
And I think your new books will be quite inspiring!
Love, Ria.

audrey hat gesagt…

your octagon quilt is so lovely, thanks for the peek.:) and your books look like some good reads!

Merilyn hat gesagt…

Your octagon quilt is looking great with the hand quilting Susi!
The pile of house blocks is impressive!!!!

LuAnn hat gesagt…

I love the octagon quilt Susi. Of course, all of your quilts are just gorgeous. Those books are all new to me and look like they are full of inspiration.

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