Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

some progress with the potc and the little applecores

hi friends,i just wanted to show you my progress with the potc and the applecores,have a nice rest of the week,susi


Manuela hat gesagt…

Hallo Steffi,

beide Arbeiten gefallen mir sehr gut.

LG Msnuela

Karen hat gesagt…

The POTC blocks fascinate me. The placement of fabric and the pieces used make such interesting designs within each block.

NADINE hat gesagt…

HELLOOOO, dear Susi :))

You win me again with your POTC !
How gorgeous ! (as well as you applecores, of course).

For the POTC, Susi, may I ask you which size are your papers ?

Also, are you using normal print paper, or those ready paper pièces that they sell on the Web ?
(I find those a little bit "stiff")

THANKS a bunch for your kind help, dear Susi.

Have a lovely weekend,

In stitches,

Jeanne hat gesagt…

Excellent progress with both quilts! They are beautiful!

Jennie in GA hat gesagt…


Renate hat gesagt…

Liebe Susi,
das sind ganz beeindruckende Fortschritte. Die einzelnen POTC Blöcke sind jeder für sich ein kleines Kunstwerk!
Liebe Grüße

audrey hat gesagt…

Oh wow! Love your POTC and your apple cores, both. Wonderful work.:)

Sue hat gesagt…

I have just found your blog and love everything you make Susie. You are very prolific!

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