Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

look what i bought a few days ago

i found it on ebay,and it was in my mail a few days ago.isn`t it cute.seems to be really old,look at the two pincushions.i love old sewing supplies so much,and sometimes i cannot resist to buy such things.


Lizzie hat gesagt…

That's so sweet Susi, how precious. Great find..

Teresa hat gesagt…

Wow! Great find! I love finding old sewing tools as well...and still so useful!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Carin hat gesagt…

Thats beautiful !!

LeKaQuilt hat gesagt…

Å å så heldig du er!
Den er nydelig og morsom å ha :o)

Sandra Henderson hat gesagt…

So great! What a find!!!! and you will USE IT, this is the best part. OX

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