Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

my version of the caswell carpet in wool is done and some squarepuffs

dear friends,happy fathers day to all the fathers out there,my caswell carpet version is done,i handquiltet around each motiv and big stitch quilted the blocks. and so i searched a bit in the www and found a wonderful idea to use my tons of rests of sockwool .you knit small little bags fill some batting in them knit them together and you will have a wonderful cosy quilt,if you make enough (in the internet they were called hexipuffs and had the shape of hexagones,but i liked squares better), i am gone knitting now...,have a nice wekend,susi


Karen hat gesagt…

The Caswell quilt is beautiful. So much work involved in making it. I like the dark backgrounds for the blocks.

Manuela hat gesagt…

Liebe Susi,
wunderschön, dein Caswall quilt.
Schöne Idee für Wollreste.
LG Manuela

Renate hat gesagt…

Liebe Susi,
da hast du wieder einen Traumquilt gearbeitet. Wunderschön ist er geworden. Ich bewundere, wie schnell du bist.
Du solltest wirklich mal über eine Ausstellung nachdenken! Deine Quilts sind alle so schön!
Liebe Grüße

Teresa Rawson hat gesagt…

Oh, your Caswell is so delightful and beautifully bright! Well done on the finish!

Nat Palaskas hat gesagt…

Love your Caswell quilt. It looks wonderful and soft! Knitting is not really my thing, but I will enjoy seeing yours - Hugs Nat

Meghan hat gesagt…

Congratulations on a beautiful quilt Susi. Your colour selection and embellishments are perfect.

Jennie in GA hat gesagt…

Gorgeous Caswell quilt. You are amazing.

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