Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

block 3 and 4 from "when the cold wind blows"

i have finished block 3 and 4 ,and it was so much fun ,the weather is sunny today,and i will sew block 5 outside in the garden,have a nice day,susi


LeKaQuilt hat gesagt…

Du verden så rask du er til å sy! Jeg brukte en uke pr, jeg sydde mine 27 inch store slik som i boka. Teppet er STORT.....
Kos deg med applikasjonene.

paqui hat gesagt…

Very nice the blocks 3 and 4 !!!
I love then !!

Renate hat gesagt…

Liebe Grüße

GittaS hat gesagt…

Einfach nur Klasse
Liebe Grüße

Merilyn hat gesagt…

Beautiful work Susi!!

Christine hat gesagt…

HI Susi

Wanted to ask you a question, I would like to make the quilt Aunt Greens Coverlet and wondering how you started to draw the pattern.
Thank you

Karen hat gesagt…

Such good finishes. I have only finished one block from that quilt pattern. You are ahead of me.

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