Sonntag, 28. August 2011

when the cold wind blows: block 1 -6

dear friends, here are my blocks 1-6 from my version out of the book: when the cold wind blows. and here really blows a cold wind right now,i think summer is over here in the north of europe,the photo is not quite good,the colours of my background fabrics are much warmer though,but i could not take it outside and there was not too much light in here,have a nice next week ,all of you,susi


  1. Great blocks,Susi.

    I love that you used different backgrounds for each block.

  2. Beautiful Susi! Enjoy the rest of those blocks, at this rate you will probably have them finished next week :) You have a flying applique needle my dear.

  3. How wonderful! Great colors, you've been busy!

  4. These are looking fantastic...I am really loving all the BLUE that you are using!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. You amaze me again Susi, you are so the colours, just beautiful,

  6. Susi another awesome beauti!! I just love it. you are stitching a block a day!! and here is so much applique!

  7. All 6 of these blocks are GORGEOUS!


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